Illegal immigration and the transport of weapons, drugs, and goods into the European Union (EU) pose serious security and humanitarian problems. These problems are particularly acute in southern member states like Cyprus. Attempted trafficking through the sea border is a life threatening endeavor. Moreover, illegal weapons, goods, and drug trafficking adversely affect the Cypriot and the European economy and society.

In this project a prototype sensor network was developed equipped with a thermal-imaging and a sonar node having processing and communications capabilities with the purpose to provide continuous and wide area intruder detection and localization in its extended version. The system is designed based on the European vision of border security and the national strategic plan for coastal monitoring and control. The Cyprus Police plays an important role as a partner in this project ensuring that the overall anticipated result of this project (automated detection and tracking of intruders through the coastline) meets all EU standards on border security. The project has resulted to a) the design of a sensor network for coastline area security, b) the development of innovative signal processing algorithms and data fusion techniques for intruder detection and localization using sonar and infrared data, c) the power autonomy for sonar nodes deployed at sea by compact renewable power generating modules.

Implementation details are found here

Video demonstrating a multi-target tracking algorithm using thermal image data

YouTube Preview Image

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